As one of the largest domestic importers of the finest quality diamonds and gems, creating high quality finished jewelry for end consumers, is as serious to us as our wholesale business. We use the finest designers, highly skilled setters, artistic hand engravers, and master goldsmiths to build everlasting exquisite pieces of jewelry.

Our story begins 15 years ago, when a good friend had come to our office to be educated on diamonds so he could confidently purchase the most meaningful piece of jewelry of his engagement ring. I spent time with him, I educated him, and I gave him advice. Forty years of experience, knowledge and expertise was compressed into our one meeting in hopes of preparing him to feel comfortable purchasing a complex and at times a confusing product. He left feeling grateful and knowledgeable, yet I was left feeling I could have helped more. For no matter how well one understands the characteristics of a beautiful diamond, the most important tool of our trade, is a refined eye which can distinguish these characteristics.

I remained a consultant for this friend through his process of shopping for an engagement ring. I would listen attentively about the frustrating meetings he had with retail shops, hearing the misleading advice he received from "jewelry experts", learning his choices were limited to stock that was in the jewelers showcase and of course, the unreasonable prices being quoted. Confused and discouraged my friend was ready to settle for an option less then what he had envisioned as his perfect ring.

That day I decided to help by extending an offer to construct the ideal ring he had long envisioned. At the time, fabricating fine jewelry, was an enjoyable diversion from my everyday business and done only for my family's personal use. Working with the same team I had for years, I was able to produce precisely what my friend had imagined. This brought an overwhelming amount of gratitude from my "customer" and an overwhelming amount of satisfaction for me.

Since that day, many friends have come to our office, and have been provided the same unequivocal attention we treat each individual, to ensure we build their perfect piece of jewelry. Jewelry which will last forever and continually remind them of the joyful occasion it was designed to represent. What started as a favor to a friend is now one of our passions. We hope we get an opportunity to help you create exactly what you desire.


Dr. Vinay Gupta