For over 35 years, the gemologists at BG International Gems Inc., a wholesale gem company, have been creating customized jewelry for family and friends. By implementing a very personal approach to the process of creating fine jewelry, BG International has produced beautiful and timeless pieces. With an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and continuous orders, it has become an integral part of our every day business. To show our dedication to continue providing high quality merchandise and service, BG International has created Diamond i, a subsidiary company focused strictly on producing customized, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.  Every person has a unique style, and Diamond i strives to create jewelry pieces that will reflect each person's own unique style.   


Diamond i gemologists utilize a personalized approach to make the jewelry buying process much more comfortable and stress-free for their customers. The various diamonds, gems, precious metals and designs available to a consumer can become confusing. With the help of a Diamond i professional, customers can confidently narrow down the best options to make their ideal piece of jewelry, within a comfortable budget.


The complexity and beauty of diamonds and gemstones, continues to intrigue and mystify the world, thousands of years after their discovery. With on-going research through dedicated labs and technological advancements in the industry, scientists and gemologists continuously discover new techniques to unlock the maximum brilliance and value of a stone.

At Diamond i, our professionals, have made a commitment to stay up to date with these advances to ensure that their customers are choosing amongst the most brilliant gems available to use in their jewelry. Their experience and education with diamonds and gemstones is unparalleled when compared to other experts in the industry.


Diamond i is committed to your satisfaction. From the moment the process of designing your jewelry is started, to the finished product, you will be kept informed of the progress. Your gemologist, will work to ensure the process is simplified through clear communication, in order for the end result to be just as you envisioned. Communication is key to a smooth and enjoyable experience.


The success of custom jewelry brings diamonds, gems and metals together in your desired design and allows them to harmoniously showcase their beauty. To assure the finished product is of the highest quality, Diamond i, has strategically partnered with top jewelry manufacturers with highly skilled craftsmen. The end result is a beautiful and brilliant piece of jewelry, that will be enjoyed today and for generations to come.