Customized Jewelry Designs

Customize your own jewelry, replicate a design you've seen, modify an existing design.  Whatever you would like, call one of the helpful consultants directly and discuss the best way to create just the piece you want.    

Buying Loose Diamonds & Gems

With over 35 years of being in the diamond and gem wholesale business, the wholesale division has suppliers in all parts of the world to source the perfect merchandise for you at the best price. Speak to an experienced gemologist who can advise you on your best options.     

Selling Your Diamonds

Call and consult with a diamond expert on the best price you can recieve for your old diamonds. Diamond i experts are willing to broker your diamonds to maximize your value and ensure you a trustworthy transaction. 

Inscription & Engraving

Add a personal touch to your diamonds and jewelry or simply inscribe your diamond and jewelry for security purposes. An inexpensive service which can be beneficial in various ways.       

Diamond Cutting

Though the hardest substance on the planet, diamonds can be damaged from every day use. Refurbish damaged diamonds with Diamond i's on-site master cutter. With over 30 years of cutting experience their master cutter is renowned for being able to recut damaged diamonds to maximize their value. Call to schedule a consultation.   


Jewelry appraisals are available for insurance purposes. Homeowner insurance as well as jewelry insurers will require your jewelry to be appraised by a professional. Speak to a gemologist on how you can get your jewerly appraised.      


New certifications or recertifications for GIA, AGS or EGL are available with the submission of your diamond. If you are not sure what is the best certification for your diamond, speak with a professional who can guide you with the process and help you determine what might be the best lab for you.